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Doll-making is my hobby. I sell most of my dolls on eBay and Etsy, except for a few which I give as gifts to family and friends.

I started out making my first cloth doll a few years ago. I have always loved cloth dolls and it had always been my wish to create my own dolls someday.

Nowadays I also make dolls using different media like paper clay, wood, felt etc. Some of my paper clay doll designs are inspired by Izannah Walker and other famous doll makers of yore. Most of my paper clay and wood dolls are one-of-a-kind. For my cloth dolls, I buy small quantities of fabrics at a time, so no two dolls will be alike. I also experiment with various doll-making techniques of my own.

I also enjoy collecting antique dolls, and reading and researching about different kinds of dolls.

The picture above is not a doll from days gone by, but a photo of my mother when she was a baby!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I have been tagged!

I was tagged today by my new friend Kelly of Mystical Entities. Now I have to write 5 things about myself and then go on to tag 5 more unsuspecting bloggers :)!
So here it goes...

1) I love dark chocolate.
2) I love to travel in the US as well as abroad. I have been to Germany, France, Italy, Uk, Canada, India and Nepal.( Lone, our next trip will be to Denmark:)!!)
3) I spoil my golden Roxy by giving her home cooked meals everyday and lots of toys to play with and of course her daily walks in the park. Hubby doesn't get home cooked meals everyday.
4) I am extremely scared of lizards.
5) I love shopping at Bath and Body Works.

Now I am tagging the following people...
1)Lone of dukkeskolen
2)Mae of Tatteredcowwings
3)Jackie of Plain-N- Simple
4)Judy of Judeartdolls
5)Marilyn of Multicolor

~MB, craftswithcare


Lone Pierette said...

Thanks Mithua - You will be most welcome here in Denmark !!

Hugs Lone

Marilyn said...

Thanks, Mithua...five things, huh? I'll need to think on that. Loved your 5 things!
Have a great afternoon!
Hugs, Marilyn:)

TatteredCowWings said...

I'm learning something new about you every day.

Thanks for tagged me.. I already posted mine and past the tags along.

Hugs, Mae

TatteredCowWings said...

oh my,
I didn't see the word new until I posted it on my blog.
Thats what happens when I cut and paste.. I'm such a blonde!

Please forgive me Mithua...

Your not a new Friend.. You're an Old young friend.
And I'm so lucky to know you!

Blessings, Mae

Sandra Evertson said...

Your dolls are Wonderful!
Sandra Evertson

Judy said...

Hi Mithua....I'm so honored to be tagged! Hope I can figure out how to put the people I tag next into my blog. :o)

Love your work!


kartika said...

Hi Mithua! Thank you for your comments. I have been seeing Amma since 1990 and it has been wonderful.
I love your dolls - wonderful website! I will be putting my art on the site soon - keep visiting! Kartika

Becky Bunn said...

Mithua, thanks for visiting my site. Your dolls are lovely

Mary said...


Thanks for sending JoAnne ~ I did a blog link for her "In the Pink Collaborative Book Project 2008." Was so much fun to do! Your latest Izannah dolly is just wonderful, and wishing you much success with her!



Marilyn said...

Hi, Mithua--sorry it took so long for me to post my five things, but I did finally got them posted. Thanks, it was fun! Marilyn:-)

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