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Doll-making is my hobby. I sell most of my dolls on eBay and Etsy, except for a few which I give as gifts to family and friends.

I started out making my first cloth doll a few years ago. I have always loved cloth dolls and it had always been my wish to create my own dolls someday.

Nowadays I also make dolls using different media like paper clay, wood, felt etc. Some of my paper clay doll designs are inspired by Izannah Walker and other famous doll makers of yore. Most of my paper clay and wood dolls are one-of-a-kind. For my cloth dolls, I buy small quantities of fabrics at a time, so no two dolls will be alike. I also experiment with various doll-making techniques of my own.

I also enjoy collecting antique dolls, and reading and researching about different kinds of dolls.

The picture above is not a doll from days gone by, but a photo of my mother when she was a baby!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoffman Challenge Doll 2009-Jahanara Begum is home

Jahanara Begum arrived home today after traveling for more than a year. She toured various doll expos and had so many great adventures.

Jahanara Begum(Princess jahanara) was made for the Hoffman Challenge of 2009.
Jahanara Begum was the favorite daughter of Shah Jahan, Emperor of India from 1627 to 1658 and the builder of the famous Taj Mahal.
I chose to make an Indian doll for the 2009 Hoffman Challenge, since the challenge fabric 'Earth' had paisley motif on it. Paisley originated in India and spread to Scotland when the British soldiers brought home cashmere shawls.

~Mithua Bose, craftswithcare


bois-fleurie said...

Just found your blog.Your dolls are wonderful,I especially love their faces but also the way you dress them

craftswithcare said...

Thank you for your kind words!


Pictures of dolls that I made using patterns provided by sweetmeadowsfarm.

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